Some times the road ahead is long and daunting. If you turn around, the road is paved in gold. So what happened to the gold ahead of you? Ah, must be a matter of perception, on the quantum level all space and time is the same, that is until someone looks at it. Moral of the story? Don't look! All things become possible. If you figure out how to do that, let me know, I'll give you a biscuit...

Ten Reasons Why We Closed

1. Community Development knows little of either community or development.  The business Perfect World Is endeavoring to be a commercial model for both residential and commercial green appliances.  We would like to be the proof of concept, and demonstrate that business and residential can be a working example of an honest, small, green foot print. One leg is spiritual which is metaphysical:  classes, workshops, readings, drum circles, pot lucks and the organic, fair trade coffee house. 19 years now. We had over 70 local artists, craftsman,  & practitioners. As well as 60 volunteers; And a food buyers coop of organic produce. The physical leg sells, installs, and is a model for home-comfort systems, water filtration, solar and, heat pumps. We would like this to be my better half’s primary job so we can raise a healthy family. As it stands now there is no growth. He owns and works at Quality Heating and Electric 12 hour days, 7 days a week while they down size. This is a perceived threat to the local good ol’ boys and I’m not permitted. They can’t handle change and certainly not from a woman. There are no permits that allow cooperation.

2. My insurance company will not insure me if I sell consigned items.  Local items are 75% of my inventory.  I’m allowed to sell toxic crap from other countries but I’m informed I can not afford to sell hand crafted items from my neighbors and friends. Allstate trusts China but they don’t trust you. We had a 27% increase in retail sales, in this economy and I was faithful to serving every race, creed, color, socio-economic status, sexual preference, religion, age bracket and political affiliation. Perfect World included you, but apparently it doesn't include me. 

3. Because we sell organic, fair trade, coffee and tea as a curtsy to clients during readings and gatherings this is a perceived threat to the Enetai creek water shed, requiring me pay 40,000 dollars to replace a perfectly sustainable septic system for a hook up to sewer.  During all inspection I was within state standards. This destroys our integrity and makes this building cost prohibitive. We eventually, 10 years from now, want to earn royalties for state of the art septic system referrals. Incidentally the Department of Ecology gave me the go ahead but now changed their mind after much time and love, and money where invested in the sustainable gardens over the septic field. 29 fruit trees and bushes.

4. Fire Marshal Bill Monk had no problem with Perfect World for 17 years. He was promoted.  His replacement, Steve Jackson, (jackass) says I need a 50,000 dollar fire repression system so several woman can sit around a table and learn from each other. Because I live here, I’d gladly put in a residential suppression system that is 1/10th the cost. This occurred after he was reprimanded by several woman in a scheduled business meeting that was interrupted three times, over several weeks. He retaliated.

5. Community Development wants 300 dollars annually to hold classes and workshops, making classes cost prohibitive in this location.

6. Theft is on the rise.  With such low profit margins I have grown intolerant to the entitlement and local authorities are ignorant to the integrity of a working service dog and refuse to cooperate with the patient she serves and the law that protects us.

7. Occupancy permits were issued at the time of purchasing this building.  It took them three years to honor it and now after do-diligence say I can not operate a business and a home out of a building I own even though this building is in compliance for multi use occupancy.

8. Banks will not loan to any owner occupied business.

9. Part of our products are produced in the gardens and by honey bees.  On Flag day two years ago, my 15,000 bees curled up in a ball and died in one day.  I had a miscarriage the next day. Monsanto is killing you and you are letting them.  I am informed by the health department I can sell Costco Muffins which potentially hold up to 219 carcinogens that are know health risks but are approved by your government. But I can’t give you an organic muffin for donation. Even though I have food handling permit and received 100%.

10. And the top ten reason this business is closed is after all the adjustments to become legal and killing the resonance of my job, community, food and safety my mortgage company Olympic Coast Investments went bankrupt and the loan is called do by the current holders. Russ Findlay.  He wants a higher return on his investment.  I’m collateral damage. We started with a 140,000 mortgage and now they want 250,000 by July 11, 2014.

I’m moving on.  All I needed was community,

a Government that was smarter than I am,

laws that protect my integrity and allowed to live sustainably

with out surprise taxation. Thank you to every one for your love and support for the last 20 years.